In Gujarat, Std.  Schools 9 and 11 are going to resume.  Apart from this, these students will be able to go to school here from tomorrow.  10 and STD.  Schools have been started for 12

  Schools to be started in Pune and Thane of Maharashtra Schools will be opened in Pune and Thane of Maharashtra from tomorrow.  For this here std.  Classes 5 to 8 will be started.

According to the Punjab School Education Minister, government, aided and private schools will start from February 1, even after the conditions of the state government.  It will also start pre-primary schools.  Apart from this std.  12th graders start school from January 7

Schools will also be opened in Andhra Pradesh.  Permission has been given to start schools for 1-5.  The school will work all day for the primary level.  Apart from this, students will be admitted with the written consent of the parents.  Std.  6-12 and admission to the college started in November 2020.

Std. In Haryana.  The school will be open from tomorrow for 6-8 as per the order announced by Haryana Education Department.  6-8 school will be started.  The time for this will be kept from 10 – 1.30 in the morning.  Students will need a certificate of Corona Negative.  This will require the written consent of the parents.  Apart from this if you want to take advantage of online education you will get this facility

This module provides an understanding of teachers, child, child rights, child sexual, exploitation and legal framework available in India as well as its objectives through this module, Profile – CHILDLNE – 1098 Introduction to service, understanding of child and child rights, activities, UNCRC and child rights,  Understanding child abuse, indicators for identifying victims of child sexual abuse, the legal framework as well as the Protection of the Eyes from Sexual Abuse Act (POCSO) Act – 2012 and the role of schools in NENA prevention and response, key features of the POSCO Act 2012  Reporting, contribution of school and teachers for prevention and response to child sexual abuse, supportive and supportive behavior towards child victim, other resources, quizzes etc.
I will use Module-18 CSA and POSCO in my classroom as well as in school as follows.
      (1) I will inform my classroom as well as school children by giving them an understanding of POCSO Act-2012.
      (2) I will give children an opportunity to get their child rights by giving them an understanding of their child rights.
      (3) I would like to make a video of what is the service of CHILDINE – 1098 and encourage you to take advantage of this service in times of emergency.
      (4) I will inform you about the understanding of child abuse, its type of discussion as well as its use in technical equipment.
      (5) I will make children aware of the term child sexual abuse and I will make every effort to prevent it.
       (6) Introduce children to protection against sexual offenses and provide insights through POCSO ACT – 2012 and CSA Prevention Video.
      In addition to this I will try to convey this module – 18 POCSO Act – 2012 Consistency Special Information to my children in my classroom.
      Through this module-18 we got to know a lot of information which is very useful for our children.
      Thus, in Module 1 to 18 in Integrity Training we each got to know a lot of good information to be absorbed in the school classroom as well as in our lives through this module which I will try to take to the classroom at school level.
      Thus, eighteen days of devotion were present in the training and completed in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere with knowledge.


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