Shikshak Sajjata Sarveshan All Type Online Quiz Test

 A total of 3 can be awakened in the real life of the state of interest in the state of the web!  Ei ba khij ||  Karma of the village, Na Dal [2 paj, Ghor Rawad Vishwa Kshay and Maghan Vanikaran Dum Myya che ke me!  Visits to Muva Kan Agricultural Area in the context – a.  Ninth Waffle Mummy K. 

Shikshak Sajjata Sarveshan All Type Online Quiz Test
Shikshak Sajjata Sarveshan All Type Online Quiz Test

Lost Activity – 12 ‘Regarding the need for water supply and water storage in the area around them, money, rainwater harvesting in Meghalaya, etc. What is the water supply for that girl, girl? 

 You could encourage them to draw pictures of rainwater. No, to introduce the water collection they saw.  The roaming activity ra creates projects on the following topics: Water reuse: Suggestions of different remedies in which water can be reused at school or at home, 

Water pollution Water storage: How to collect rainwater around.  Drainage, water waste Approximate water wastage by tap taps Collection of news about water waste this month and sorting out the causes of pollution. 

They can be encouraged to learn about different sources, visit the library and talk to the elders.  W.  Introducing two stories, poems, plays or puppet shows – through this activity children will be able to give their opinion about the water wastage in their school and family.  

Will formulate formulas and poems and suggest different ways to save water, use it, reuse it and purify it.  Allow children to create scripts and materials and share them.  They can present in the classroom, at school, in prayer meetings and on certain occasions at school, children collecting and storing information through this activity, drawing conclusions. 


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 Will learn to share findings with others.  When children are encouraged to observe the prevailing conditions of water scarcity and waste, they will not only be able to classify these difficulties but will also show them other ways through it.  199

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