Should be encouraged.  Can copy.  Some may start writing sneak effect or letter sound combinations to represent their thoughts.  Children can split the sound into words as soon as they learn a few letters and sounds where they can start using them in writing, so the use of invented spellings is labeled convenient in writing.  

Since there is a black board in the classroom, the children draw as they wish.  Helping to complete the initial effort, such as lining up.  Make teachers part of their daily routine.  Like, writing in front of children.  Kids see how you write, why you write.  Early writing activities should be formal, display reading materials such as picture reading, content charts, posters on various topics, letter cards, name cards, story books, printed letters, letters, pictures, puzzles, flannel boards and story pictures.  

 How to use technology like e-story / digital game according to the above qualifications to increase early literacy.  Thoughtful Questions: 1. What is the importance of oral language in teaching language?  2. What are the different ways in which phonetic awareness can be developed.  ?  3. What opportunities should be given to the child to develop writing readiness?  .  .  – Help to discuss about Activity-1, Reading Readiness and Writing Readiness.  Let’s think about how reading helps us in our daily lives. ‘  Can start by saying.  Encourage discussion by following questions.  

What do people read?  Why do people read?  Who are the people who are most likely to read.  Why is writing so important to us?  (Importance of ideal reading behavior and providing a rich environment based on identity) Make sure what is the response of each teacher / participant?  


Download Gujarat  STD 10 English Question Bank

Your role is to adapt yourself to the processes of early pedagogy and how you will teach your participants how to use them in the early years.  For this facility, proper pedagogical processes need to be planned.  The following are some pedagogical procedures for promoting early literacy.  Creating a language field for drawing story books, language games, drawing, drawing, morning signs on the attendance chart (to encourage early reading and writing efforts)

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