Std-10 students can get relief from maths-Science – two new subjects may come

 Recommendations have been sent to the government for implementation from the new session by a task force formed to implement the new education policy in the state. English subject can be taught from standard 1.

Students studying in standard 10 in the state can be exempted from teaching mathematics and science subjects. The task force set up to implement the new education policy has sent its recommendations to the government. For students who do not want to go into science stream after standard 10, it is recommended to include subjects like arithmetic and anthropology which are useful in daily life instead of mathematics and science. In addition, after completing 5 years, the student is given admission in standard 1. But now after the age of 5 the child will be admitted to the kindergarten. For this, a kindergarten will be set up in the primary school premises.

According to a local newspaper report, a task force has been constituted at the state level with regard to National Education Policy 2020. Jenny had a meeting recently. The decisions taken by the state level were discussed in the meeting. At the end of the discussion, the task force agreed on the implementation decisions from the academic year 2021-22. In which the current structure of education of 10 + 2 has been changed and a new structure of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 has been recommended.

According to the new structure, the first 5 years include 3 years of pre-primary and standard 1-2. The next three years are from Std. 3 to 5 followed by three years from Std. 6 to 8 and finally four years from Std. 9 to 12. The first five years will be two years of Anganwadi-Pre-Primary. The next one year i.e. when the child is five years old will study in kindergarten and after that 2 years will study in standard 1 and 2. Thus, the child will get admission in the first standard when he / she becomes 6 years old. It is also recommended that kindergartens should be set up on the school premises as part of the primary school. Kindergarten children will be given activities like Pragya approach like Std. 1 and 2.

Mathematics and science subjects are compulsory in the curriculum for students at the secondary level in the state at present. But after completing this course at the end of standard 10, most of the students turn to general stream as well as vocational stream apart from science stream. Maths as well as science are not particularly useful for further studies for these students. Therefore, for students who want to pursue a course other than the science stream, it is recommended to add subjects like arithmetic as well as anthropology which are useful in daily life as an alternative to mathematics and science at the secondary level.

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Gujarati and Mathematics are currently taught as standard language in Std. 1 in the state. However, according to the implementation of the trilingual formula, English subject will be introduced along with Gujarati language in Std. English language taught during standard 1 to 3 which will not be a part of that standard examination. English examination will also be taken along with other subjects from standard 4.

At the end of standard 3, 5 and 8, for children, like standard 10 and 12, examinations will have to be organized by the state level. Accordingly, the responsibility of conducting examinations at the end of Std. 3, 5 and 8 has been given to the State Examination Board under the coordination of GCERT as well as Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. As per the resolution of the education department, all government and private school students will take part in this examination.

As per the provision of Right to Education, if the number is less than 60 and there is a school of standard 1 to 5, it should be merged with the school of standard 1 to 5 with a larger number within a radius of 1 km. Merge to have standard 6 to 8 running and number 45 as well as number of schools within a radius of 3 km. At the time of the merger, keep in mind that the school cannot be merged if the highway passes or if there is a river.

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