std 4 rachnatmak mulyankan || રચનાત્મક મૂલ્યાંકન || પ્રથમ સત્ર અને દ્વિતીય સત્ર || એક્સેલ ફાઈલમાં

Udtaharan- 4 study nirav kshi vidha e me puno is.m.  The application, which is completed, has a sum of +1 days.  There is a pit.  2 in two paki kova pala.  Kukhon karva ni che premi!  What can be done with certain types of activities for the sake of service, is well about Didhi Meet;  

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.  Thadni, multiplier, run, ki, fun show, palo.  The beginning of the multiplication is positive.  ) .. Activity: – Take 1 • 2 ૪ (-2).  Students in their primary class.  J.  

The process will be recalled. More such illustrations will be discussed. 5 * 4, 6 * # etc. will be used here. After teaching the method of addition of numbers here, start teaching.  Who knows the sum of the whole. 2 * (-3) = (-3) + (-3) = (-6).  Can Padiya be attached here or not? ‘How to do this can be discussed.

ધોરણ ૪ રચનાત્મક મુલ્યાંકન ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

 Other examples can be given to explain the multiplication of positive and negative integers.  – 2 • () ‘s double sum is explained using the following number line (-3) (-2) – 343 20  ) Su  The will take.  225

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