While offering milk, water, cardamom to Shivaji in Shravan Mass, think about how Shivaji is happy all the time?  What is the source of their blissful life?  These are very naive and the one who is naive deserves to be the master of the world.

Shivaji has kept himself so strong, high-minded, patient, serious, tolerant, patient, free from humiliation from within that the conditions of the world cannot disturb him.  Shivaji keeps only the name Rama in his heart, leaving everything outside.

Those who speak badly to you are weak, but getting distracted by small things shows your weakness.  Shivaji is introverted, situated within himself.  Be strong, so that you can face every situation with a smile.

           Friends, we have been selected as teachers with very high merit, but the sad thing is that for the last five-seven years, we have been coming to harass teachers under some pretext.  Benefits that have been suspended for years are not given.  For a matter to be completed in a period of three months, three to four years are removed by the administration.  In the cases of nine, twenty-three, the teachers do not get the benefit even for five years.
    Then in the name of teacher readiness test, teachers are being distrusted again.
        I want to tell the education department that we are for children, we know well what we want and what we don’t want in class, but if you don’t trust your own teachers.  Hey teacher is also a social intellectual animal.  He lives in the society he lives in the family.  He will be able to work well in class if his mind is cheerful.  Otherwise, if you issue various circulars and harass the teachers in this way, then the education of this Gujarat will never be good.  You want to prove what new circulars do every day.  As many cases of corruption are faced by the administration: My innocent teacher is humiliated. I want to tell the teachers to suffer from above. I want to tell the education department whether you want to educate the children well or not.  Do you want to keep the teacher healthy or not?  Do you want to work in class or not?

       Even in the opposite situation like this Corona the teacher is in touch with the children by going from house to house through street teaching.  So I have to say that you are only mentally harassing the teachers.

        Over the last several years the teacher has come up in the role of a clerk.  There should be no training but then to prepare a big big file for report what this file you see is heaps.  There will be less teaching work in the classroom and more work to prepare the forms, to provide daily information.
          We do not oppose unit testing but waste time scanning. The same work is done by entering the mark directly from the computer.  So what is all this.
         As one of my teachers, I humbly request the Department of Education and all the dignitaries of the Department of Education to give you teachers a program to stay mentally healthy.
         What does child psychology say?  What does psychology say?  Why no thought is given.  Teachers were intimidated in the name of school inspectors, teachers were intimidated in the name of control and command. Is there a bad teacher in Gujarat?  Is the teacher not working?  Saheb carries out all the festivals of the government, carries out health programs, carries out the programs of the Krushi department, what is not done?  If we want to do all this, then education will be better.
     Saheb is a primary school teacher, but Clark plays the role of a pawnbroker as well as a guardian.  We believe that there should be new dimensions in education. Teachers should be equipped, but do not make schools and laboratories by experimenting and experimenting.  Create an adventure that can provide a stable education to children without threatening.


PATRAK :-A ધોરણ:-૫  P.D.F  ફાઈલ (પ્રથમ સત્ર) અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો વર્ષ:-2021-22

PATRAK :-A ધોરણ:-૫  એક્સેલ  ફાઈલ (પ્રથમ સત્ર) અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો વર્ષ:-2021-22

         The teacher works with a living waking machine of nature.  He needs to have a strong morale and a high level of mental state.  One-sided books are not available. One-sided unit testing. Sir, let all this. Let the teacher evaluate the children himself. That is their right and right.
         On behalf of millions of helpless teachers in Gujarat …..

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