Tardiest Scheme] Rs 12,000 To Students To Buy An Electric Two-Wheeler 2020

Tardiest Scheme] Rs 12,000 To Students To Buy An Electric Two-Wheeler 2020

A new scheme has existed inauguratedted by the concerned permissions of the Gujarat administration to help the understudies of the state get an electrical vehicle available of expense. In this essay, we will lot with all of you the circumstances of the modern policy which has existed inaugurated by the anxious permissions of Gujarat government to provide electrical automobiles to the learners of the state. The Gujarat understudies will exist buying donation on the e-scooters that they will exist buying in the Gujarat state. A bunch of advantages will furthermore exist given. we have remembered eligibility standards, advantages, purposes, and all of the additional circumstances respecting the Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme. We remember furthermore remembered a walk by walk dressing procedure for the strategy.

Gujarat Energy Development Agency approved dealer or from GEDA website.

List Of Documents For Assistance

1.Bonofide certificate

2.Self-certified marksheet of previous year 3.Copy of self certified student’s Aadhaar card / driving license

4.Proof of self-certified residence electricity bill building tax bill

5.Caste certificate published by the competent authority of the student

6.Self-certified copy of driving license only for high speed vehicles
Where Should The Application Forms Be Submitted?

The application aspect has to live fulfilled by the dealer after assigning the factory and model.Assistance in this regard Rs. 12000 per vehicle
How To Avail The Benefit Of Subsidy

It will exist associated to the bank account of the capable student by GEDA as per the terms of the scheme.

Approved factory models of automobiles, ultimate prices, and where their dealer evidence will exist accessible From GEDA website (Gujarat Energy Development Agency).

● Only battery-operated vehicles can be acquired through this scheme.

● About 10 thousand vehicles will live given under two-wheeler scheme

● The employment obtained through this scheme is twelve thousand rupees.

● Up to Rs 5,000 subsidy will be given in the scheme of electric rickshaw

● About five thousand vehicles will be furnished under this scheme

●Battery powered electric rickshaws can be acquired under this scheme

Where To Apply Online For This Scheme

Tour the Official Website of Gujarat Electric e-Vehicle Scheme i.e. https://geda.gujarat.gov.in

On the Homepage, Click on the Option “Show All News” button.
Form and Agency List link Display

Download Form

The Gujarat government is also planning to inaugurate a donation scheme of up to Rs 2

lakh for battery powered vehicles and accounting infrastructure for accusing.

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