Time sheet and new instructions regarding sending service book to Gandhinagar

 Time sheet and new instructions regarding sending service book to Gandhinagar

Study Objectives: You will be aware of this theme and you will be able to define pre-primary education. The need and importance of pre-primary education will increase.  Demonstrate an understanding of assessment of pre-primary education.  By outlining the relationship between parents and the community regarding pre-primary education, you will be able to describe how transactions with primary schools can be easily linked. 

 Activity: Ask your participants to share their childhood experiences.  (One happy and the other sad) Then discuss the importance of the early years and how these memories have a lifelong effect.  How the words and rhymes heard in the early years are still remembered today.  You can give examples of this.  INTRODUCTION: The need today is to prepare a program for pre-primary education which is conducive to the environment and habits of the children in the age group of 3-6 years, taking into account their abilities, needs and perceptual powers. 

 At the same time, there should be a curriculum that will accelerate their development. A well-planned program is required to emphasize pre-primary education and raise its level.  Through this children can develop the skills required for the preparation of reading and writing, as a result of which they can easily get further education.  

Pre-primary education has been given much importance in National Education Policy-12.  The National Education Policy recognizes childcare and education as an important investment in human resource development.


  National Curriculum Framework – 2009 states that at an early infancy level, children in the 6 to 8 age group are in a very sensitive and critical stage.  For the early years of education, children should be taught according to the environment in which they are familiar.  At this level children should not be forced to read, write and count numbers.  To prepare all the children above the age of 6 years for primary education till the age of 6 years as per Section 11 of the Right to Education Act-2003,

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