Use these 5 types of flowers in skin and hair care, get beautiful hair with glowing skin

Use these 5 types of flowers in skin and hair care, get beautiful hair with glowing skin

The use of flowers in home decoration is quite common. Flowers add beauty to the home as well as make the house smell good. But did you know that some flowers can be used for skin and hair care as well? Let us tell you that you can get rid of many skin and hair problems with the help of five types of normal flowers. So let’s know about the use of 5 flowers in skin care and hair care.

Uses of rose flowers: Rose flower face pack is very beneficial for the skin. On the other hand, the moisturizing agents present in rose water retain the moisture of the skin and make the face glowing and oil free. To make rose water at home, boil rose petals in water and then cool and fill in a spray bottle. You can spray rose water directly on your face as well as mix it in a face pack.

Try lavender: Lavender flowers can be best used to get rid of skin blemishes and oily hair. At the same time, lavender oil is also helpful in eliminating skin itching and dryness by repairing dead skin cells. Apart from this, you can also remove dandruff by applying lavender oil in your hair

Hibiscus flowers will be effective: You can get rid of pimples, acne and wrinkles completely by applying Hibiscus flower face mask and toner. At the same time, applying a powder made of hibiscus flowers in the shampoo gets rid of white hair and baldness. Which makes your hair naturally black, long and thick

Use Camellia flowers: A toner made from camellia flowers is helpful in removing pimples, dryness and pigmentation of the skin. Also, its moisturizing ingredients work to bring a natural glow to the skin. At the same time, camellia flower serum and hair mask helps in keeping the hair healthy

Calendula flowers will be beneficial: Applying calendula flower paste and toner in skin care provides relief from skin blemishes, itching and allergies. At the same time, applying calendula oil mixed with olive oil or coconut oil on the hair accelerates hair growth. Also the hair becomes soft and smooth.

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