Virtual Class Videos for Std-9 Students

Virtual Class Videos for Std-9 Students

 Virtual Class Videos for Std-9 Students

What is Virtual Class ?

Virtual class is a platform where many peoples meet at one place. In a social media, many apps use for study in Virtual class. Like Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc…

GCERT Start study to std-9 to 12 in a Virtual class. So don’t waste time of Students in education. So students get a Video of Virtual class in Gujarat educational department’s youtube channel of “Gujarat e-class”. Many students study at Home via Virtual class video. Stay Home, Stay Safe. 

Many Teachers study their children in a Virtual class in a disease of Covid-19. Covid-19 is dangerous deasese and this virus spread via touch each other. So gov. school not open in corona virus. And this situation teacher study their children in virtual class in different subject wise schedule in his class.

Samgra Shiksha Abhiyan Virtual class at in every single one students for surpass practice

covid-19 an assortment of residential home knowledge labors encompass been undertaken by the learning administrative area of the command of Gujarat to guarantee continuity of edification unvarying in court case of closure of schools during the epidemic. edifying programs for students of streamer 9 to 12 container be viewed on DD Girnar channel, Vande Gujarat path and the board’s youtube channel. As fondly as virtual classrooms of scores of schools are in addition run. nonstop assessment is branch of the study-teaching process. On the origin of which counteractive credo be capable of be made by eloquent the inclement bits and pieces of the students. The component analyze is not a official exam. But is share out of a uninterrupted evaluation. Based on the domino effect of the entity test, besides the teachers, the parents container as well give out the basic guidance by perceptive the crude textile of their children. In additive to healing instruction through thing testing, one of the objectives is to put together needed changes under house erudition programs.

The subsequently court by the teaching section of the splendor government. A entity tribulation has been planned for completely the students of Std. 9 to 12 during July but intensive matter has been certain by the kingdom direction on the topic of the submissions time-honored from innumerable schoolteacher unions and schools on the topic of giving out of publish out of the analyze to the students as splendidly as chronic the on paper answers to the students. Was ended and certain concessions tolerate been prepared in the preparation of the group investigation observance in view the inhabitant situation. As font outs of the group analyze cannot be delivered to every student,

આજ સુધીના તમામ Virtual class ના Videos જોવા માટે નીચે આપેલા જે તે વિષય પર ક્લિક કરો.

ધોરણ -9 અંગ્રેજી (આજ સુુધીના તમામ વિડિયો) 

ધોરણ -9 વિજ્ઞાન (આજ સુુધીના તમામ વિડિયો) 

A variety of family unit erudition hard work boast been undertaken by the instruction responsibility of the express administration to guarantee that instruction continues flat still schools are blocked during the Covid-19 epidemic. Textbooks suffer been delivered to the students, put on air on Doordarshan’s DD Girnar canal for students of Std. 9 to 12. Students of Std. 1 to 8 are plus known a booklet ‘Let’s be taught at home’ every month. a lot of schools as well course virtual classrooms. spaced out from this, enlightening programs be able to moreover be watched on Vande Gujarat network and YouTube channel.

At present, through the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, students are set a booklet to record this component test. In which to create the organization test, the re-unit test.

During the Covid 19 period, transcript books and “Learn at Home” prose as competently as arrangement based e-learning text are implemented for the students under the “Home Learning” program. It is the school’s conscientiousness to make certain that “home learning” is ready new successful by students. all along with “Home Learning”, from the undercurrent day 2020/21, periodic assessment put to the test will be conducted for students of Std. 1 to 8 in every channel government, grant-in-aid and self-reliant schools in the land of Gujarat.

According to the responsibility of Education, unbroken assessment is divide of the teaching-learning process. On the heart of which corrective instruction be able to be finished by aware the perishing information of the student. This group adversity is not a smart examination, but is divide of a uninterrupted assessment. Based on the fallout of this test, besides the teacher, educated parents be capable of as well offer crucial guidance by intentional the crude textile of their children. In count to this restorative education, one of the objectives is to progress to the de rigueur changes under ‘Home education Programs.

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