Whatsapp Amazong Features Update And Tricks For You

Whatsapp Amazong Features Update And Tricks For You

Telegram recently released an update within which they allow their users to share files up to 2GB. WhatsApp, on the other hand, only allows you to share files up to 100 MB. So when a user wants to share a large file, they have to resort to Dropbox or some other software. Earlier telegram allowed sharing of 1.5 gb data file and now it has been increased to 2gb.

But if you don’t use Telegram and just for this reason you don’t even want to download it inside your phone. And if you use a WhatsApp and you want WhatsApp to give you the option to share more files than that then you can do a job for it.

You can upload files up to 50 GB in Google Drive for free. And 16GB space is offered by Google at a charge of Rs 130 per month. And it can be a very good deal as it can cost you at least Rs 150 to buy a storage device with 20GB of space.

So you can share a large file inside this messaging app using Google Drive. Right now you can send videos up to 16 MB inside WhatsApp and regular files up to 100 MB. And WhatsApp is not allowed to send videos or files larger than that.

The only way to share a large file on WhatsApp is that you first have to upload it to Google Drive and then share it on WhatsApp. And for that you have to follow some simple steps.

– First open Google Drive and click on the plus icon inside it which is given at the bottom right side of the screen.

– Then click on upload file and select it, once the file is uploaded it will be shown at the top inside the app.

– Then you have to click on the given three percent and select the option of copy gender. The file will then be copied to the clipboard in your smartphone, then you can open WhatsApp and open that person’s chat and paste and send that link.

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