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That I have increased 154 11 Mena | o ૫ mari, b, papad we have ghe cole Ai only justice and napa, apika ka riko.   

Meghabo ane wake nu dhama The responsibility of Pathvishwagram for the good opinion of children in the dark of the mind strengthens the national policy of disaster management as it is the responsibility of a mourning organization that disaster management is everyone’s job.

  Activity 6 Violence and harassment ears.  If it is possible to vivo each of the following things while showing the students the steps, then xerox those cartoon strips (verses) to everyone and share them with the students. After reading each story, use the distance for each discussion below to make the action easier.  

No. based talk-1 1 picture also ally in front of Is ni jaaye, hai aa [maa hai, na koilo joine tena shik naad kare ‘padosh aaddhi varta: chitra na seborhood based story te  The nearest to the 1st lesson is Lesson 14. The package of a he u is his name / name * F!  |  at ‘t Ele who she vorne e fe, ul ul larg t [ni hinsa che?  Sad laughs out loud, 123

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