Yogi Adityanath Share Uttar Pradesh Highway Policy

 Yogi Adityanath Share Uttar Pradesh Highway Policy

Three successive regimes in the UP Yogi Adityanath have focused heavily on building roads, but they have also faced delays, political domination, and public outcry. As a result, politics and planning have evolved.

In Uttar Pradesh, the toll road project is so closely intertwined with politics that it has remained a significant achievement for three successive regimes.

UP’s road network now stands at 800 km, with the latest addition being the 341 km Purvanchal Highway. Which was opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week. The network traverses the state from Greater Noida in the west to Gazipur near the border with Bihar in the east and has been built for 50,000 rupees over the past 15 years.

Another 900 km stretches out in front of us – much longer if we include the proposed extension. A freeway is a toll road project that represents “controlled access” for high-speed traffic. The entry and exit points are marked, and the combination of underpasses, bridges, crossings ensures high speed but an unimpeded movement.

Early delay, busy at the moment

The first toll road, the Taj Toll Road Project (later renamed the Yamuna Toll Road). Went through several modes before seeing the light of day. Created in 2001 during the BJP regime under Rajnat Singh, it was planned and executed during the 2007-2012 BSP regime. Under Mayavati who gave it a new name and finally opened in 2012. from then-CM Akhilesh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party.

The project sparked more protests than any other, including 2011 violent clashes between protesting farmers and police in Bhatta Parsaul village in Gautam Bud Nagar.

After trying the Yamuna Highway, Achilles Yadav rushed to the following two highways. First, he opened the Luknau-Agra highway just before the 2017 parliamentary elections. At a time when roadside facilities were still to be expanded; they finished then.

Then, he quickly laid the foundation stone for the Samajwadi Purvanchal Highway. Although 90% of the land had not been acquired. Subsequently, the BJP government, led by Yogi Adityanath, canceled its previous bid and renamed the Purvanchal Toll Road project. Which his government had completed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched last week.

The current government is vying for time to complete the Bundelkhand Autobahn ahead of the announcement of the 2022 elections. It was wholly designed and built during the current regime.

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