Do these 4 exercises after eating food, will help in digestion

 Do these 4 exercises after eating food, will help in digestion

Exercise After Eating for Digestion: Nowadays everyone is so confused between home, office and career that they do not get time for themselves. It also affects health. Staying physically active is very important to stay healthy, especially after eating food. Often people start working or go to sleep immediately after eating food. Due to this the food is not digested well, the digestive system also starts getting weak. So if you always want to be healthy, then after eating food, take out 15-20 minutes for yourself. During this, keep yourself active, walk. This helps in getting the food digested.

Can I exercise after eating food?

After eating food, it is very important to exercise to digest the food. But light exercise should always be done after eating. Heavy exercise or workout should be avoided. You can do light exercise after eating food. With this your food will be digested well. You will also not have the problem of gas, indigestion and constipation.

So let’s know which exercise should be done after eating food-

1. Walk

Walk is also a type of exercise. You can also stay physically active by this. Therefore, it is always advisable to walk after having food. Walking after a meal makes it easier to digest food. There is not much pressure on the digestive system. The problem of gas, indigestion and constipation can be avoided by walking after eating. You can walk for 15-20 minutes after having food.

2. Adamintine Pose

You can also sit in Administine pose after having a meal. The food gets digested easily by sitting in the administration pose. It is considered one of the best exercise after eating this food. Admintine Pose stretches the muscles of the upper body and abdomen, relaxing the breathing. This exercise pose promotes digestion of food.

To sit in this pose, first of all, sit down with your legs straight. After this, bend your legs from the knees and take them backwards. During this, your feet will remain under the hips. Keep your back straight. Now place your hands on your knees, take a deep breath. Sit in this exercise pose for 10-15 minutes.

3. Core Exercises

By the way, it is advisable not to exercise after eating food. If you feel bloating, abdominal pain after eating, then you can do core exercises on the advice of experts. This strengthens the muscles, and also helps in making bowel movements easier.

4. Sukhasana

You can also digest food while sitting in Sukhasana. But after eating one should sit in Sukhasan for 5-10 minutes only. After that you should walk. This will increase the energy level in your body. At the same time, you will remain active and stomach diseases will remain away.

One should never sit or lie down immediately after having a meal, as this puts pressure on the digestive system and causes it to deteriorate quickly. After eating food, you must do some light exercise to digest it. Due to this the digestive system always remains healthy. You do not have to face any problems related to digestion. Please consult an expert before doing any exercise after eating.

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