If you do not sleep, then follow these easy home remedies, the effect will be visible soon

 If you do not sleep, then follow these easy home remedies, the effect will be visible soon

Most of us are working from home. Due to inability to go out and lack of physical activity, the problem of sleeplessness has taken birth in most of the people. There is no fixed bedtime due to work from home. After waking up late at night, most of the people get up and work at the same time in the morning. This is the reason that nowadays people have started having sleep problems. If you also have this problem, then by trying these methods, you can fix both your routine and sleep:

set time

First of all set a bedtime. Your body adapts to your routine. Your body needs sleep at night. So go to sleep at a fixed time every day. This will fix your daily routine and in a few days you will start falling asleep at the right time.

get your room ready

Darken the room in which you are sleeping. If you have trouble in a completely dark room, try turning on a very small and low-light light. Keep the phone away from yourself and if possible, stop using the phone 1 hour before sleeping.


After a whole day’s work, your mind gets tired along with your body. That’s why meditation calms your mind before sleeping. This improves concentration and makes it easier to sleep, as there are fewer thoughts in the mind.

don’t watch the time

If you have woken up at any time of the night and can’t sleep again, don’t look at the time. By looking at the time, there is panic, the mind starts running and different types of thoughts come in the mind. It is better that you take long breaths and lie down with your eyes closed. If thoughts start coming in the mind, then either think something good in the mind itself or chant Om etc. This will not distract attention and will make it easier to fall asleep.

keep room temperature low

If it is too hot in the room, it is difficult to fall asleep. Similarly, even if your room is too cold, you wake up again and again. So keep the temperature of the room from 26 to 27 degrees or determine the temperature in which your body is comfortable.

eat right before sleeping

What do you eat before sleeping? This also has to be taken care of because it also affects your sleep. According to research, if you eat high carbohydrate or heavy food before sleeping, then there may be trouble in falling asleep. Eat food at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

don’t forget to exercise

If you do not get much time in the morning, then exercise for 25 to 30 minutes only, but exercise daily. Working out in the morning improves your sleep schedule.

sleep on a comfy mattress

A good pillow and mattress as well as a good comfy mattress, being comfy also helps to sleep well. For this, use such clothes in which you do not feel too cold or hot. A good sleeping place also helps in good sleep.

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