Due to these 5 mistakes of women, the smell starts coming during periods, are you not doing these mistakes

 Due to these 5 mistakes of women, the smell starts coming during periods, are you not doing these mistakes

 Menstruation means periods are an important part of every woman’s life. This is such a time coming every month during which women have to face a lot of troubles and for this reason women often become irritable these days. These days, due to hormonal imbalance, irritability remains, as well as cramping in the stomach is also very disturbing. These days women are advised to take special care of their health and cleanliness. However, still it has been seen that during periods, the private part of women starts to smell a lot, due to which women start feeling quite uncomfortable. Actually, these days there are some such mistakes behind excessive smell, which women often ignore. Let us know about 5 such mistakes, due to which there is more smell during periods.

1. Not changing pads in time

Changing the pad from time to time during menstruation is most important and not doing so not only causes bad breath but also increases the risk of infection etc. If the pad is filled with blood, it tends to seep out and cause a foul smell.

2. Failure to change undergarments on time

Along with the pads, changing the undergarment is also very important. Some women make the same mistake, that they keep changing the pad from time to time but do not change the undergarment during this time. This is the reason why their undergarments stink. Therefore, undergarments should be changed at least two to three times during the days of periods.

3. Not cleaning the private parts properly

During menstruation, women are often unable to clean their private parts properly and only change pads. For this reason also they have to face a lot of bad smell during periods. Therefore, whenever you change the pad, you must also clean the private parts along with it

4. Using Chemical Pads

Using poor quality sanitary pads can also lead to problems like bad breath during periods. Some pads contain chemicals that, when mixed with blood, give off a strong odor. So whenever you go to buy pads, buy only good quality pads.

5. Having sex during periods

It is considered safe to have sex during periods. But having sex during menstruation often leads to a lack of hygiene and for this reason the periods start to smell. If you are having sex during the days of your period, then take special care of the cleanliness of the private parts.

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