These 4 Foods Are Mood Boosters, If You Are Angry Or Irritated, Eat It Immediately

 These 4 Foods Are Mood Boosters, If You Are Angry Or Irritated, Eat It Immediately

mood booster food

Surely there are many sorrows in the times, but we are always searching for happiness. In search of peace and happiness, we do not know how much effort we do from exercise to meditation, but how will it be if the search ends after eating. Over the past decade, many such studies have come to the fore that have shed light on the relationship between nutrition and mental health. There are even many such foods that have been found to be directly related to increasing serotonin in our brain. Serotenin, also known as the happy hormone, is a chemical that plays an important role in regulating our mood. Our mood can also be disturbed when the serotonin level is low. Let us make a list of such selected foods which lift our mood.


A study conducted in 2016 found that drinking coffee reduces depression. There are a large number of coffee drinkers in the world and if you are also included in them then you can say that on this pretext, the world is making the world happy.

dark chocolate

It was found in a review that dark chocolate has a positive effect on our mood. The reason for this is believed to be three things found in it that are related to happiness, tryptophan, theobromine and phenylethylalanine. Tryptophan is an amino acid that the brain uses to make serotonin, while theobromine is a weak stimulant that can improve mood. At the same time, phenylethylalanine is another amino acid that is helpful in making dopamine in the body, it plays the role of antidepressant.


Coconut is high in medium chain triglyceride which can increase your energy level. Another study found that it can control anxiety. However, more studies are yet to be done to understand the relationship between anxiety and coconut. However, its


If anything could be termed as good mood food, it would be a banana. Bananas contain serotonin, but it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, ultimately the body’s filter to decide what to let into the blood stream and what not. However, bananas can affect your mood indirectly. Vitamin B6 is needed by the body to make serotonin, which is found in sufficient amounts in bananas. A medium-sized banana contains up to 0.4 mg of vitamin B6, which is up to 25 percent of your daily needs.

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