Excessive consumption of refined oil is dangerous for health, use only this much every day

 Excessive consumption of refined oil is dangerous
for health, use only this much every day

How Much Refined Oil Good for Health:  Chaat- pakodas, puri- kachoris and
fried-roasted spicy food seem very tasty, but it also increases the risk of
cholesterol, high BP, heart and liver problems. A certain amount of oil is
considered necessary not only to enhance the taste of food but also for the
body. Most of the food eaten in breakfast, lunch or dinner is prepared with the
help of oil. Cooking oil not only contains essential nutrients, but it is also
a storehouse of fats. This is the reason why the amount of oil in the diet
should be controlled. Especially if you are using refined oil, then it is
important to pay attention to its quantity. Let us know how much refined oil is
considered better for health in a day.

What is the correct amount of refined oil?

Oil is very important for a
healthy body. It helps in maintaining healthy skin, hair and bones. According
to harzindagi.com, 3 to 4 teaspoons of refined oil can be consumed in a day for
a healthy body. More than 20 grams of oil in a day can be harmful for the body.
If there is any kind of health problem then the amount of oil can be reduced.
The body can also get essential nutrients from 2 tablespoons of oil.

Reduce the use of oil in such a way

– Eat deep fry things off

– Cook vegetables in one to two
teaspoons of oil

– Eat roasted or steamed food

– Do not make oil dressing to
enhance the taste of salad – Do not

Apply ghee on chapatti

– Choose the right cooking oil.

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