Excessive sweating in children can cause heart problems, so do the treatment

sweating in children can cause heart problems, so do the treatment

complication in children:
Like adults, heart problems do not occur
in children. At least due to bad lifestyle, this does not happen in children at
all. We can also say that even due to the fault of the parents, heart disease
does not occur in children but sometimes congenital anomalies related to the
heart of a child arise. It can happen for any reason during pregnancy. There is
no fault of the mother in this. But if it develops over time in a child, then
it should not be ignored because its complications can increase in adulthood.
Usually, when children start sweating excessively, it can be a sign of
anomalies related to the heart. Therefore a doctor should be contacted

is disease?

TOI According to the news of SRCC
Children’s Hospital, Pediatric Cardiologist Dr Separatism Sen. says that
whenever parents come in front of us with the complaint of hole in the heart in
some children, we advise them for surgery but most of the parents give him
surgery. Do not bring they have a belief that with time this gap will be filled
automatically. He also believes that heart operation is not right for children
at such a young age. Due to this mistake, sometimes there is pulmonary
hypertension in children, which can also be dangerous.

are the symptoms?

When there are congenital
anomalies in the heart of children, then with time some symptoms emerge in the
children. Like the child feels uncomfortable. Can’t do any work properly. He
refuses to eat food. I get tired as soon as I eat it. The weight of the child
does not increase properly. Apart from this, there is excessive sweating. In
some babies and newborns, the color of the lips, tongue and nails turn blue
while crying. Older children may develop recurrent pneumonia, fatigue, and
breathing problems when doing some heavy work.

to do

If the above symptoms appear in
children, then the doctor should be contacted immediately. Routine check-up of
such children is necessary. You should go to a Pediatric Cardiologist. After
some tests, the doctor may also ask for surgery. It should not be ignored. In
some children, it can also be cured through medicine.

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