GPSC Dy. Section Officer & Dy. Mamlatdar (Advt. No.: 20/201920) Main Exam GS- 1 & 2 Question Paper (31-01-2021)

Here are some pre-primary level pedagogical processes for pre-mathematical matters.  .  .  Encouraging methodological educational processes for pre-calculation: Encouraging mathematical thinking using talk books.  Give daily life situations and real life examples for the use of comic numbers.


Handling toys, items and blocks. Picture story, space, completion Group activities (two to three at a time. Features) મિક Create patterns in a comic way.  Experiment with tangible objects to perform activities such as matching, sorting, sorting, and sequencing.  Counting meaningful objects and numbers from one’s own environment.  
Measuring and estimating uncertified units.  E.g.  Sugar, salt etc.  Participate in activities where children can have fun, such as experimenting, playing with toys, swimming and making lemonade.  Birthday celebrations, festival celebrations and counting of events and days (e.g., twigs, sticks, pictures, number calendars). 
 You also need to explain to classmates how to observe the progress of children during the initial counting.  The proposed indicators are as follows Identify and create patterns using environmental resources and items.  Identifies order / pattern in story / poem.  Identifies and creates patterns using environmental resources and objects.  Identifies order / pattern in story / poem. 
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 Uses vocabulary to describe problems / patterns.  Touch and count using one thing after another, explaining how things are different and similar.  Uses comparable word funds.  (E.g., from big, to small, from high and from short) Compare numbers in two groups of things.

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