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 Since the United Nations declared 19th as the International Year of the Child, most countries in the world have become aware of the need to provide nutrition and health care to children.  An international organization like UNICEF also initiated its efforts in this direction.  Children in the poorest countries of the world suffer from problems such as ignorance, poverty and malnutrition.  In addition, their parents could not meet the basic needs of the child due to poor intellectual and financial status, so not every child could be aware of their rights.  

GPSC Exam Calendar 2021
GPSC Exam Calendar 2021

the United Nations has set a target of universal “primary education” by 2019.  Since we are partners in that decision, our governments have embraced that goal.  Even so, it is our commitment that no child should be deprived of education.  That is why the right to primary education was made a fundamental right (Article 21A) by amending the Constitution in 2009 and recently our Parliament passed the Right to Free and Compulsory Primary Education for Children Act-2009.  Earlier, the Gujarat State Compulsory Primary Education Act-121 was in force.

Training literature has been prepared for the teacher training in Chitrajya subject keeping in view the National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) and Right to Child Education (RTE 2009), which will be helpful in teaching Chitraddha for the primary teacher.  In addition to this, by using Chitrajya for teaching work of other subjects, education can be made interesting.  


The latent power and sense of beauty in children can be developed through Chitra, various activities to develop various skills of Chitrajya are included in this Mosul.  So that the teacher himself can also try to develop those skills.  

Various activities on this subject will help in increasing the observation power and concentration of children.  Introduces various art cultures of the country and the world and thereby increases knowledge.  

The subject of painting plays a pivotal role in becoming the great artist, engineer, architect, scientist, designer, etc. of the future.  Knowing this, the teacher can encourage the child towards it and take it forward, each subject is related to another subject.  In which painting is contracted.  Lots of study and co-curricular activities of painting have been placed in each subject.  In Std. 1 to 8 (Trial) language, mathematics and environment subjects, Shijna’s work is based on painting activities.  


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Special emphasis has been placed on simple lines and coloring activities, from standard to 5 (new textbooks have included subject-based activities of painting such as shapes, objects, memoirs, picture combinations, where necessary and understandably.  Teachers will get adequate understanding and guidance from this training literature regarding teaching the subject.

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