STD 3 TO 8 Home Learning Time Table Download JANUARY 2021

STD 3 TO 8 Home Learning  Time Table Download JANUARY 2021

STD 3 TO 8 Home Learning  Time Table Download JANUARY 2021
STD 3 TO 8 Home Learning  Time Table Download JANUARY 2021

Concept: One of the important factors affecting classroom behavior in the field of primary education is the human relationship.  Human relationship is the factor for creating a healthy environment in the school through the warm interaction between the principal-teacher, teacher-student, teacher-parent, student-student, teacher-teacher, principal-parent in the primary school area or in an institution.  Inter-Human Behavior: At the school level, the principal is a skilled leader.  He has to provide skilled leadership to the teachers who are with him.  The cornerstone of this leadership’s success is warm human relationships.  

Therefore, the cooperation of teachers has to be sought for success.  They have to provide motivation and make efforts to increase their efficiency or effectiveness.  This is possible only when the relationship between the principal and the co-workers is harmonious.  Another important part of the school is the teachers as the principal is at the center of the school.  It is the job of the school teachers to put the principal’s educational philosophy into practice.  Thus the teachers’ vision, ideas, abilities and attitude towards education have an impact on the students of the school.  

Thus teachers remain a crucial factor in creating a school learning environment.  The professionalism of the teachers makes them aware of their duties.  If the teacher is visionary, he can play a vital role in the entire education system.  By developing relationships with school principals, non-academic staff, students and parents, the school can establish an inseparable relationship with society.  

The personality of the teacher should be extremely impressive.  He needs to have a multidimensional personality.  She should have a magnetic talent so that students can draw inspiration from her personality.  Children imitate the teacher.  Children simultaneously feel the harmony by imitating the teacher’s speech and behavior, his movements, his lifestyle, his dress, his conduct and thought. 

 The character of the teacher should be of excellent quality and noble type.  Character is a set of sutevo.  Students are influenced by the high character and moral qualities of the teacher.  There should be unity in his conduct and thought.  He aims to enrich the students with his human qualities.  The teacher should be full of empathy or compassion.  He should treat his school children, teachers, other staff and parents sympathetically.  

The teacher is a faithful person.  He should therefore earn the proper trust of the children’s parents and fellow employees.  Students should have a sympathetic attitude towards the problems as well as the problems of the parents and try to solve those problems by taking them into confidence.  He should respect the students and everyone and treat them with respect.

Another important relationship between the teacher and the student on healthy behavior is the student-student relationship.  Usually in school some students are the favorite of the teacher while some students are not the favorite.  At such times it becomes difficult for the student-student relationship to stay healthy.  So it has the opposite effect on academic work in the classroom.  


Therefore, if the teacher cultivates harmony with each student, the benefits of helping each other are explained in an inspiring way, then the student-student relationship will be fruitful for creating a healthy environment and the students will see the development of team spirit.  In the end, the students have to prove themselves useful.  The teacher should have social consciousness.  

A spirit of generosity, harmony and cooperation should be awakened in him to establish his prominent place and distinctive identity in the society.  He is a social engineer.  So he had to develop a society that would change society.  In order for a child to become a useful member of society and an enthusiastic citizen, he has to inculcate social qualities in the child.  Intimate dealings with parents, activists and leaders should be established in the society.  A teacher who is isolated from the society and only serves his ego and is not useful to the society can never satisfy the expectations or aspirations of the society.

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