And restore the traditional beliefs of polygamy / femininity of female teachers in different situations!  doing .  Personal thought and personal identity are closely related to language.  Teacher and Shimi Kar.  Ha!  The language spoken is such that the feeling of gender prejudice enters the minds of boys and girls on its own.  

The following situation is from the general Indian society.  Has been taken.  In terms of gender sensitivity, let’s talk about arigold (standard 9, page no. 12).  Read the following paragraph carefully.  One day Meena broke the mango and brought it home.

  His grandmother gave a large part to Raj because he has done it.  Meena objected and insisted that she bring the mango by breaking it and even though she has three sons among the siblings, she makes her daughter the heir of the state, hence, the topic of discussion: Hit Bhai Vela Dham P Rahi Mayajana Praka Na Khami | The men are in the same category, but I am n t, t [[o nejani and nis, 15 shashi po.

 Twin brothers and sisters with the same qualifications and marks have passed 10th standard, they sit next to the 11th standard teacher and discuss the subject of physics, madam, you know that I am very fond of physics.

  I like it. Yes madam, the novel does small and big experiments at home too. The bob or fuse blows at home. Brother: So the sister fixes it. Give it a physics subject.  Kaustubh, why is he talking like this? He wants to go into business stream even after coming to Merit and also wants to do a course in dress designing? You are a physicist and let the novel take biology subject. 


Teaching in biology subject works.  Brother and sister: Madam, you yourself are a woman and a teacher of physics, but the teacher: b.  Q is done anyway.  Madame Curie has not become … NCERT textbook Marigold (Example from standard 25 is given below. Ú Example 1: ‘Who will be Ningthouis’ lesson is about a king and queen. They are the king of Manipur. They have three sons and one  Is an example of the traditional belief that the eldest son is usually the king

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