His contribution is meaningful.  The teacher must create an environment in which all children engage in classroom activities without any gender bias.  The teacher has to create a conducive environment for teaching from the environment in which the students come from.  As a result, the participation of girls in the teaching process will increase. 

 The gender differences in the activities that are found should be identified by Shifaq and based on that the activities inside and outside the classroom should be determined and implemented.

  Through the above effort a good atmosphere is created within the classroom for the participation of the girls and they will be able to express their experiences.  Eloquence and discussion can also be arranged in the classroom, although the syllabus includes all the necessary and appropriate knowledge taught in the branch.  

These include the behaviors, perspectives, and attitudes that students acquire from the school process.  It is important for the teacher to understand that non-formal education is that even though it is not part of the formal study material, students indirectly assimilate many values.  This study topic informally helps the student.  Students also learn a lot informally from what they discuss with their parents, teachers and friends and can study social perspectives on gender differences. 

 The study that takes place inside and outside the classroom can be called informal learning.  In which there is no bond of any kind, students learn from any space and from the external environment.  The student understands the difference between desirable and undesirable behavior and also accepts the narrative idea.  The importance of the above non-formal education is not seen in formal education.  It is ignored. 

 Gender is essentially a part of informal education.  Various functions such as classification based on caste and physical space in the classroom and school, division of different types of work for boys and girls, discipline through different daily school activities for boys and girls and space used in school grounds for teacher-student communication. 

 The effect of race seems to be.  4.2 Coordinating gender issues in the teaching of various subjects.  Gender differences are very important in the subjects of education and this subject is much discussed.  Creating an environment without gender bias is the main objective which plays a major role in building a good society. Representation and participation of women and girls in various disciplines is neglected, which needs to be taken into consideration. 

The knowledge that language is presented in any subject makes gender differences and inequalities seem natural, this challenge needs to be reviewed so that the price of inequality can be overcome.  

Gender Sensitivity through Language Learning: The importance of language in survey subjects is paramount and helps in acquiring knowledge.  It is important to make the student aware of this and also to explain the importance of language, so that sexual 119

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