Khata Book Udhar Bahi Khata, Credit Ledger Account

 Today I will tell you what is a khatabook kya hai. If you also want to know about the khatabook app here we will give you the same details. In modern times india is moving digital very fast. Whether it is buying or giving someone money, it all happens online.


If you are a store owner your customers will have to borrow from you so you should write down their copy of the loan. Then came another digital application called book khata. This app will be very useful for buyers and sellers. With this app you can easily manage your customer’s loan and subscribe to this app.

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What is Khata’s book? What is Udhar Bahi Khata?

Khata Book is an app called udhar bahi khata which is completely free where you can write and manage your customers’ loans easily.

Anyone who can use this app as an electronics store, mobile store, kirana store, medical store etc can all manage their loan using it.

To use an account book, you must first create your account in it, then you must use it.

How to create an account in the Khata book app?

Let us know how to create an account in the Account Book app.

1. First you have to go to google play store and search there by typing khatabook and install or click here to install the khata book app.

2. Now you have to open the app and select your preferred language and click on it.

3. Now you have to enter the mobile number and click on the get pin. Otp will come to your number. You must enter that otp and send it.

4. After entering the mobile number and pin, you must enter your name and click next.

5. You should now enter the name of your store or business and click Next.

6. Your account has now been created. You can now manage your credit by investing in your customer’s loan.

How can you use Khata’s book?

To use it you have to create your account on it and click on add customer.

Now if his number is saved you will have to choose his number if you do not keep the contact does not end (Contact does not end).

Now enter the customer name and mobile number and click save.

Now you have to click on what you have given and you have to enter the amount of money you have lent to the customer and enter the same name you have given.

After you enter the name of the loan and vice versa, the date will be automatic. If the date is incorrect, correct and click save.

Now your customer credit has been added, this way you can add more customer lists and their credit the way you want.

How can you add security to the Khatabook app?

If you use it and it has a lot of customer loan programs out there, then you have to put security in it, otherwise someone may have accidentally deleted this list or someone else deleted it, then you will suffer a lot. I will

Let us know how we can add security to the khatabook app.

All you have to do is open the khatabook app and click on it now you will have to click on 3 options.

You must now enter the 4-digit PIN and confirm the PIN by entering that PIN again.

Your account app now has a pin lock.

How do you make a travel card from Khatabook?

First open khatabook app then click on more and first click on the visit card option.

Now some of your details will be asked. Enter your mobile phone number. Enter your queue details about who owns your store. Enter your address in the third option. Enter your email ID at the email ID.

After entering all the details, at the top you will find the last option. You have to click there. Now your tour card has been created. You can print it out and share it with anyone.

Benefits of the Khatabook app

There are many benefits to using the account app we will learn about below.

With the KhataBook app you can easily manage your customer’s loan.

The Khatabook app is completely free, there is no money you can spend to fully use it and manage your customer’s debt.

You know why the khatabook app is made so that any store owner can manage his or her client’s credit account numerically. With this you can also send a payment reminder to your customers via whatsapp or sms so that they can make any payment in terms of prices. you will pay into your bank account using the app.

The special thing about this app is that it sends an sms of everything that is done to the customers so that there is no doubt in his mind about the loan.

 ઓફલાઈન પેમેન્ટ બાબતના સમાચાર 

If you are a consumer (customer) and you are buying something elsewhere and the shop owner writes down your loan in the khatabook and getting sms on everything that is done will help you never compromise your loan account What you can do means you cannot write down the loan.


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