SBI shows how to avoid ATM fraud

 SBI shows how to avoid ATM fraud

Currently, the National Crime Record Bureau has resulted in a significant increase in cyber crime figures in the crime figures. In the state of Cyber crime, Ahmedabad is at the forefront, while the second number is the location of industrial city Surat. According to the report, cyber crime crime has increased by 90% in two years. Including online fraud, ATM cloning, one-time password stealing and incorrectly to take money from money. 

The police have also been established by the police, in spite of the day, the complaints of making money from the bank account using the Internet and the phone on the day, however, the elements are being said to be more successful because of not aware of this. Here, some tips have been given by Expert, who can be saved from the ATM Freud.

State Bank of India (SBI) has given a few hints to its clients taking into account the expanding instances of misrepresentation in the nation, which each client should think about. SBI is continually offering tips to clients against online extortion. Presently SBI has given a few hints to guard clients through Twitter. SBI tweeted that your ATM card and PIN are significant. Here are a few hints to guard your cash.

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SBI offers these significant hints for secure banking in ATMs

The bank said under precautionary measure that an individual should utilize their hand to cover the keypad when utilizing an ATM card at an ATM or POS machine.
Customers should never share their PIN / card details with anyone.

Never write your PIN number on your card

Never reply to emails, SMS or calls for your card details or PIN

Never use a birthday, phone or account number as your PIN
Keep your transaction slip away

The detective camera must be checked before starting the transaction

Beware of keypad manipulation, heat mapping must be used when using ATM or POS machine

Always beware of the person standing behind you at the ATM



Schedule a sign up for a transaction alert.

Earlier SBI had warned consumers to follow six protocols to avoid safe banking and fraud.

The SBI tweeted that vigilance is the key to secure banking. Consumers should follow these six protocols to avoid fraud and keep their information secure.

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