All focused areas should be identifiable by class observation.  Teams of observers, teachers and school head) can select a time of 30 minutes behind the assigned item.  During the afternoon, discussions are held about the findings. 

 Observers will discuss in detail what they observed in the selected matter.  Then in the same vein ‘where to take new steps so that teaching.  The study can be implemented for oneself and the school as a whole.  School staff and / or out-of-school supervisors may use the learning round in the following ways: A group of teachers use the learning round to develop their own vocational education. 

 A group of professors and school leaders use the Learning Rouse to develop school improvement in student education.  A group of outside experts (e.g., system level workers / DI ET / SCERT faculty) using Learning Rounds to support the school improvement process, a group of many school head teachers, is involved in a round of teaching at Yoks School.  

Learning rounds are at the center of the process that everyone is learning in a joint investigation.  It is not expected that this group will solve any particular problem, but it will get a clear picture of the solution to this issue and new ideas.  

There is a vision, a goal and a strategy to achieve.  The school-education and non-teaching staff, along with the head of the school, set out to set goals with the community, parents, and other stakeholders and provide details on how and when this can be achieved. 

The school has the original intention of directing its development.  Building a learning culture in school Learning culture in a school can be defined as an environment.  Which supports an open mindset, which is an independent pursuit of knowledge, and embraces shared learning directed towards school goals.  

Vibrant learning culture promotes continuous learning among school principals, teachers and students.  However, as a principal, you have to take the first step towards building a learning culture.  Your approach to learning, sharing learning experiences, getting feedback, and improving can serve as a role model that inspires the behavior of others and promotes a learning environment.  

To develop this culture where the team learns from each other and from outside sources. You can do the following.  1. Provide opportunities for professional development of teachers.  2. Study and recognize those who are involved in the study.  3. Respond and get.

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