What is stress, why does it happen, what are the symptoms, causes and treatment of stress?

 What is stress, why does it happen, what are the symptoms, causes and treatment of stress?

Symptoms of Stress: When there is any kind of change in our life or lifestyle, then stress is the first reaction of the body. It also results in physical, emotional and intellectual reactions. Stress Management Training can help you adjust to these changes in a healthy way

What is stress – What is stress?

Stress is a very simple human reaction that happens to everyone. In fact, the structure of the human body is such that it experiences stress and also reacts to it. When you experience changes or challenges (stress), your body reacts physically and mentally. Actually it is called stress

Stress responses help your body adjust to new situations and challenges. Stress can be positive. It keeps us alert, motivated and ready to avoid danger. For example, if you are going to have a test soon, then your stress response prepares your body to work harder and stay awake for longer. But stress sometimes becomes a problem, especially when the stressed person lives in this tension without any relief and relaxation.

What happens to your body during stress – What happens to the body during stress?

Your body’s autonomic nervous system controls changes in heart rate, breathing, and vision. The stress controlling response of the autonomic nervous system helps the body to cope with stressful situations. When a person has prolonged (chronic) stress, internal wear and tear occurs in the body due to stress. This is how physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms develop.

Physical symptoms of stress include –

pain and stinging

chest pain or feeling as if the heartbeat has increased

feeling tired or having trouble sleeping

headache, dizziness or tremors

high blood pressure

muscle tension or jaw stiffness

stomach and digestive problems

having problems having sex

weakening of the immune system

Stress can also cause the following emotional and mental symptoms –

nervousness and irritability


panic attack

be sad

Usually people suffering from stress for a long time try to overcome this stress in unhealthy ways, such as –

drinking too much and frequent alcohol

To gamble

Overeating or sometimes they develop an eating disorder

sex, shopping, and spending too much time on the internet

to smoke

taking drugs

How is stress diagnosed?

Stress is subjective, it cannot be tested through any test. Only a person who has stress can tell whether he has stress and to what degree it is severe. The health care provider, psychiatrist or psychiatric specialist may ask you certain types of questions to assess your condition and try to find out how it is affecting your life.

If you have been under stress for a long time, your doctor can evaluate the symptoms caused by this stress. For example, high blood pressure can be diagnosed and treated under stress.

What are some strategies for stress relief?

You and no one else can stay away from stress forever. But through some daily practice you can get relief from stress.

Whenever you feel the symptoms of stress, exercise. Even a short walk can change your mood.

Before sleeping at night, regularly think about what you have achieved today. But keep in mind, do not think about those things which you could not get today.

Set your goals regularly for every day, week and month. By keeping your approach concise, you will feel more comfortable doing long-term tasks.

Talk to a doctor or healthcare provider about your concerns.

Ways to Avoid Stress – What are some ways to prevent stress?

There are some remedies, which you can adopt regularly to keep stress away from you. Let us know about those methods today –

Try some relaxation activities like meditation, yoga, tai chi, breathing exercises and muscle relaxation. Such programs are available online today, you can also take advantage of them on mobile apps if you want and such activities are also organized in gyms and community centers, so that you can keep yourself away from stress.

Your true partner is your body, so take care of your body regularly. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, get enough sleep so that you can manage stress well.

Always be positive and celebrate what is good in your life, not lament what is not

Realize that you cannot control everything. Stop worrying about the situations you can’t change.

It is your specialty to be ready for every task, but you should also learn to say no, so that you do not get stressed due to more responsibilities.

Stay connected with people who can keep you happy while keeping you calm. Give you emotional support in every situation. A family member, friend or neighbor can listen to you responsibly and manage stress.

How long does stress last? – How long does stress last?

Stress can be for a short time and a person can be troubled by it for a long time. The duration of stress depends on what has changed in your life. The physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms of stress can be easily overcome if you regularly practice ways to manage stress.

When to see a doctor – When should I talk to a doctor about stress?

Whenever you feel stressed you should contact your doctor. If you have started drinking alcohol, taking drugs or are having thoughts of self harm to overcome stress then you should contact the doctor. Your doctor can advise you as well as give therapy advice.

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