Gold buying on dhanteras: Why buying gold on Dhanteras is considered auspicious, read the story behind buying gold on the festival

 Gold buying on dhanteras: Why buying gold on Dhanteras is considered auspicious, read the story behind buying gold on the festival

Gold buying on dhanteras: 

Gold and gold jewelery are an integral part of Indian tradition. Gold is considered a symbol of good luck, prosperity and auspiciousness. The truth is that people believe in gold as the abode of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth

Indians love gold

Gold in India is associated with the sentiments of the people. India is the second largest importer of gold in the world. People consider buying gold auspicious on festivals like Makar Sankranti, Dussehra, Navratri, Gudi Padwa, Diwali, Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras. Buying gold on the day of Dhanteras is considered very auspicious

gold shopping on dhanteras

On the day of Dhanteras, gold sales reach their annual peak in India. The word Dhanteras translates as Dhan (wealth) Teras (thirteenth day). People buy gold bars, gold jewellery, gold coins, silver coins or silver utensils on this day

Story behind buying gold on Dhanteras

Once upon a time, there was a king named Hima. He had a son of sixteen years old. The king got him married to a girl. The astrologers had predicted that the prince would die of a snake bite on the fourth day of his marriage. This information made the king and the bride sad. The bride was a clever and highly devoted girl. She made a plan to save her husband’s life.

Know- When was Dhanteras celebrated for the first time?

On the day the astrologers had predicted the boy’s death, the girl collected all the ornaments and gold in the palace and kept them in a heap in front of the main gate. She advised Rajkumar not to sleep and sat with him telling some interesting stories and sang some melodious songs and the couple kept awake all night.

Why are lamps lit?

During the stipulated time to take the life of the prince, Lord Yama approached the palace. He took the form of a snake, which the prince had to put to death. As the snake approached the main gate of the palace, a pile of jewels and valuables blocked its way. The glare of objects almost blinded the snake’s vision. The snake could not enter the palace. Meanwhile, the snake was mesmerized by the melodious songs sung by the girl. That’s why the snakes kept listening to the song there all night.

The glare of gold saved the life of the prince

The time the planets had set for the death of the prince passed and the snake lost its mood to bite the prince. Lord Yama left the house in the guise of a snake without taking the life of the prince. Thus, with her clever strategies and devotion to the Lord, the girl was able to successfully save the life of the prince.

The beginning of the tradition of Dhanteras

The story of how the prince was saved from death inspired the tradition of buying gold on the day of Dhanteras. On this day gold is kept in the puja and a lamp known as Yama Deep is lit in front of the main gate to seek the blessings of Lord Yama and Goddess Lakshmi.

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