White hair will be gone in a week, just apply this oil at night! Hair growth will be twice as fast

 White hair will be gone in a week, just apply this oil at night! Hair growth will be twice as fast

Gray hair treatment: 

The kitchens in Indian homes are no less than a hairdresser and when it comes to maintaining health, some of the ingredients in the kitchen are just amazing. The treatment of many health-related problems is present in your kitchen, whether it is the problem related to your external body or internal. Talk about making you look beautiful from outside, your hair works to add beauty to your personality, but when the hair becomes lifeless or weak then problems start increasing. If you are also troubled by the problem of falling or weakening hair, then we are going to tell you such a recipe, which can overcome your hair problems.

celery for hair

There is no doubt that celery is beneficial for our health in many ways. Its consumption not only works to increase digestion power, but it is also very useful in reducing weight. Consumption of celery works to provide relief from many diseases present in the body and what to say when it comes to the use of celery in the hair. You can use ajwain oil for lifeless hair, falling hair and hair related problems. Let us know how to make ajwain oil at home and its benefits.

how to make ajwain oil

All you have to do is follow these tips to make ajwain oil at home:

1-Boil the coconut oil well

2- When the oil is hot, add ajwain to it

3- When the celery is cooked, put curry leaves in it and turn off the flame.

4- Now leave the oil to cool down

5- After cooling down, fill the oil in the container.

You can use this oil twice a week to revive lifeless hair and increase hair growth. This oil can also increase the growth of your hair.

benefits of ajwain oil

hair is black

With the help of ajwain oil, it helps to make gray hair black again . Curry leaves and coconut oil are beneficial in keeping the hair black and its use also makes the hair thick.

hair growth is better

If you are troubled by the problem of hair fall, then ajwain oil helps in improving hair growth, with the help of which hair fall can be stopped. Ajwain has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, which promote better hair growth.

bring life to hair

Ajwain oil can be very beneficial for dry and lifeless hair. This oil also has the properties of coconut, which act to moisturize the hair and lock the moisture of the hair, due to which the hair becomes healthy and shiny.

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