5 great ways to make hair thick and strong, it will stop hair fall

 5 great ways to make hair thick and strong, it will stop hair fall

Tips to make hair thick and strong

Due to continuous hair loss, the density of hair starts decreasing. And gradually the person moves towards baldness. In such a situation, it is important that hair care should be started only when the hair is falling more. There can be many reasons for hair loss. Hair loss also occurs due to hormonal changes, stress, unhealthy diet and use of too many chemicals. Here we are telling you 5 best ways to make hair thick and strong, using which your hair fall can stop to a great extent.


Iron is an essential nutrient that makes blood in the body. Lack of blood can also cause hair loss. However this is not yet proven. Therefore, it can be beneficial to consume more and more iron-rich things like tofu, broccoli, green vegetables etc. If you want to take iron pills, then first consult an expert. An excess of iron can also lead to problems like constipation or vomiting. Too much of it can cause harm instead of benefit


Some doctors recommend taking biotin to stop hair fall. Biotin is also beneficial for the skin. You can get biotin as needed from foods. Eggs, wheat or mushrooms all contain a fair amount of biotin, so don’t worry about how to apply biotin to your scalp. Although many hair products companies available in the market claim that they contain high amounts of biotin, it is not yet fully proven that biotin can prevent hair loss.

pumpkin seed oil

Consuming pumpkin seed oil daily can reduce the problem of hair fall. Although research is ongoing on this, a small study found that men who took 4 capsules of Pumpkin Seed Oil daily for 6 months had a 40% increase in their hair. Pumpkin seed oil may prevent the conversion of testosterone into a compound called DHT that is related to hair los

aroma therapy

Sandalwood lavender mehndi and ajwain oil can reduce hair fall to a great extent, they are being used not from today but for 100 years. A compound found in all of these is helpful in hair growth. Massaging one or more oils on the scalp for at least 2 minutes at night promotes hair growth. After rubbing the hair, wrap the hair in a hot towel for a while, so that it can absorb these oils. This massage will relax you and hair fall will stop.

onion juice

The sulfur present in onion juice is believed to aid in hair growth. Although not much research has been done on this, but one study has revealed that in people with alopecia areata (hair loss), after applying the juice of half an onion, twice a day, after some time, 74% of people grew hair. 

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