This homemade glycerin cream will make dry hands soft, just these 4 things are needed

 This homemade glycerin cream will make dry hands soft, just these 4 things are needed

Homemade Glycerin Benefits : Our skin gets the most damage during the winter season. People are often troubled by dry skin, lifeless skin, rough palms. You do a lot of facial care in winters, but often do not know how to keep hands soft. Repeatedly applying the same cream and oil is not helping, then you can make your own at home with glycerin (Homemade Glycerin) cream to get soft hands. In winter, the skin of your hands has become dry, so this homemade glycerin cream will make them soft. Learn, how to make cream with glycerin at home and what are the benefits for the skin

To make cream from glycerin you need

Glycerin – 1 tsp

Rose water – two spoons

Coconut oil – one teaspoon

Almond oil – one teaspoon

How to make Glycerin at Home

For this, mix one spoon of almond and coconut oil and heat it. Heat it until it is mixed well. After that put it in another bowl and keep it to cool down at room temperature. When this mixture cools down, add rose water and glycerin to it. Now mix this mixture well so that everything gets mixed well.

What are the benefits of Glycerin? (Benefits of Glycerin)

1. Moisturizes the skin

Cream prepared from glycerin moisturizes the hands. By using this cream daily, your hands start absorbing moisture from the air (Benefits & uses of Glycerin for skin care). After absorbing the moisturizer, dry skin and patches from hands start to reduce. Your hands become soft after some time after applying glycerin cream.

2. Healing Effect

Glycerin has many properties that help in the growth of cells. Because of which if you have any skin related problem then it will go away. Using glycerin cream daily stops the growth of infected tissue.

3. Protects the skin from harmful chemicals

Due to the coconut oil present in the glycerin cream, the epidermal layer of the skin becomes thick. Due to which the chemicals do not reach the skin and the skin of the hands remains healthy (how to get soft hand in winter).

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