Kidney Infection: Know what is kidney infection, symptoms, causes and treatment of this disease

કિડની ઈન્ફેક્શન: આ બીમારીએ કિડની ઈન્ફેક્શન, લક્ષણો, કારણો અને સારવાર શું છે તે જાણ્યું

Kidney Infection: Pyelonephritis , a kidney infection, is a special type of urinary tract infection ( UTI ) and is caused by bacteria. Kidney infection usually starts in the urethra or bladder .), which gradually reaches the kidney. If a person gets kidney infection, then that person needs immediate medical treatment. Kidney infection can also be fatal if it is not treated properly on time. This can permanently damage the kidneys. The bacteria due to which this infection has occurred can get into the blood stream of the person and it can also kill the person. The founder and patron of Samajwadi Party, former Defense Minister Mulayam Singh died today i.e. on Monday 10 October due to this kidney infection

Kidney Infection Symptoms

Some symptoms of kidney infection are clearly visible, if the symptoms mentioned below are seen, then you should be alert and get treatment from the doctor as soon as possible

Blood or pus in urine

burning or pain when urinating

Excessive odor and foamy urine

frequent urge to urinate

pain in the waist and lower abdomen

high fever with chills

having diarrhea

loss of appetite

nausea and vomiting

Causes and Risk Factors of Kidney Infection – Kidney Infection Causes & Risk Factors 

Kidney infections are usually caused by bacteria, but in rare cases, this type of infection can occur even after kidney surgery. The risk of kidney infection is higher in women than in men. Because in women the urinary and anal passages are very close and due to this it is easier for bacteria to reach their bladder. The risk of kidney infection is especially high in pregnant women, because the fetus growing in the womb puts pressure on their urinary tract and this blocks the passage of their urine. The main causes of kidney infection include the following

stone in urinary tract

prostate enlargement or infection

any structural problem in the urethra or ureters, such as their clogging

Refles, in which urine from the bladder backs up into the kidneys

Weak immune system

not emptying the bladder completely even after urinating

damage to the nerves of the bladder

Use of urinary catheter can also cause kidney infection

E-coli bacteria are usually responsible for kidney infection.

How To Avoid Kidney Infection – Prevention Of Kidney Infection

To avoid kidney infection, keep the following things in mind.

Drink plenty of fluids, especially water in moderation. By drinking fluids, the bacteria present in the body will come out of the body through urine.

If there is pressure of urine, urinate immediately without delay for a moment.

Must go to urinate after having sex. By urinating after having sex, if bacteria attack your sex organs during this time, then they

Baths will come out with urine and the risk of infection is reduced.

Wash the organs thoroughly after urination and bowel movements, so that the bacteria do not spread to the urethra.

The use of cosmetic products containing any kind of deodorants or sprays on the genitals can increase the risk of UTI.

Kidney Infection Test – Diagnosis of Kidney Infection

If you see the symptoms of kidney infection, then you should go to the doctor and get the test done as soon as possible, so that this problem can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. For this, the doctor will ask you to do some kind of test.

Urine test to check for blood, pus and bacteria in urine

Urine culture test will be done to identify the type of bacteria.

Ultrasound and CT scans can be done to check for any structural problems and stones.

Cystourethrogram to detect or rule out any blockages

Scintigraphy (DMSA) to examine the structure, morphology and function of the urinary system

Kidney Infection Treatment

Kidney infection is a type of bacterial infection and is usually treated with antibiotics. Often this problem may require hospitalization.

Antibiotics are given for food to control bacterial infection and antipyretics to prevent fever. If the patient’s health is very bad, then he is admitted to the hospital and antibiotics and other fluids are given through the vein.

If you have frequent kidney infections or UTI, then you should visit a good urologist and find out the root cause.

If there is any structural problem then surgery is suggested to avoid recurrent infections.

Apart from this, by adopting some good habits, you can reduce the risk of kidney infection. For this, drink plenty of water, do not use cosmetics in the genitals, go to urinate as soon as possible without delay.

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