How to convey disaster awareness at school level?  It is said that after a disaster we have to take appropriate action but why not make future generations aware of the disaster, its consequences and prevention?  The following are broad instructions to help the child develop an understanding of the various disasters and to become aware of them.  

To organize a drawing, essay and material competition on the subject to raise awareness about disaster among the children.  R It’s fun for kids to learn by looking at maps.  So that after the disaster whoever can identify the place) a map making competition can be organized for this.  

Create a map from your home to school, 3 involve the child in the design of the disaster prevention framework according to the child’s ability.  That is, create a disaster-prone school environment and provide a model for disaster prevention planning.  Pay, include these management programs in the school’s annual festival, for example, drama, drama to show how to save a house from a fire. 

Gather information about the disaster / opinions of experts.  Is to involve parents in school disaster prevention activities.  3. To keep a list of addresses and phone numbers of fire brigade, hospital, police, ambulance etc. in the school.  To give children an understanding of how to use this information in times of disaster.  If possible show the children a video film showing the rescue work in the disaster.  89 1b, Explain to the children the importance of identity card and why it is important to remember home address as well as phone number. 

 Also inform 1L children about traffic policy – rules.  12, Demonstrate to children how to use a first aid kit.  13.  In case of disaster, sound the siren, bell, drum or plate and warn the children and prepare them to understand the warning given.  What happens at the time of various disasters?  

Demonstrations can be held on rescue and prevention measures.  What to keep in mind when an earthquake occurs?  If you are at home during an earthquake, get out of the bar, try to stay in the open if possible.  Stay away from high-rise buildings, electric or phone poles, etc.  If you are at home during an earthquake and cannot get out, take shelter under a table or other strong support. If there is no table, stand in the corner of the room. If you are in a tall building and do not try to go down stairs or elevators. Stairs are the weakest part of a high-rise building.  


What to keep in mind when there is a fire, not standing in the lobby / veranda / garaley outside the house?  Inform the fire brigade immediately.  Stay away from the place of fire, treat the burnt persons if first aid firm is available  Call an ambulance to move the seriously burnt people to the hospital immediately.  What to keep in mind when flooding occurs?  One should take refuge in a strong place at a height.  Stay away from the nagi shore.

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